I just published a novel!!!

Why yes.  Yes, I did.  If you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to, this — among other things, like moving halfway across the country, and reuniting with my parents and completely changing my notions of who I am — is what I’ve been up to:  I’ve finished and published a novel.

An entire novel.  Yes.  I did that.

It’s called “Triplicate,” and it’s about what some of you may have heard me refer to as “the splitting of the worlds” — and I’m very happy about how it’s come out.

Triplicate - A  Novel of the Splitting of the Worlds
Get Carol’s New Novel

So, now it’s up for sale, and I want you to get a copy — partly because I’m just excited about finishing an actual book, but mostly because I think you’ll find it entertaining and fascinating and it might just help you navigate this amazing time that we’re in, where we’re being challenged to actually make a conscious choice about what reality we want to create.

<<<That’s the cover over there.

The story includes thrills, chills, cherubic and reprehensible characters, humor, seriousness, and a nice, twisty tale of what it’s like to navigate three seemingly incompatible realities at once.

You can get it easily in a number of ways:

Way #1: (I’ll admit I’m prejudiced in this, as Way #1 results in me getting the biggest percentage of earnings from my book) — go to my online store and get a copy of the ebook in the format of your choice (PDF, Epub, Kindle, RTF or LRF) — you can do that here: Buy Triplicate at Carol’s Webstore — Get a Great Read and Put the Most Amount of Cash in Her Pocket

Way #2:  Buy the Ebook at Smashwords in your preferred format (this gives me less of the percentage, but if you go here, you can read the first few chapters for free before you purchase, and decide if you want to continue):  Buy the Triplicate Ebook at Smashwords

Way #3:  Buy the Book in print — an actual book that you can hold in your actual hands, and turn pages and everything!  — Buy a print version of Triplicate at Lulu.com

Okay — that’s all for now.  I’m gonna go drink an icy-cold beer, because I’ve been working for days and days to get this all ready, and now — woo-hoo!  I PUBLISHED A NOVEL!!!

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