Nothing Like Change!

Carol here:  Well, friends — our adventure continues — this time with new twists that I in no way anticipated, but which I am finding stimulating, rather than stressful.

Last month, I had news from my parents about some health challenges that they are dealing with, and I felt strongly called to be nearer them — perhaps for a longish-visit, perhaps for more time than that —  we are choosing to “go and see/feel/sense” how it is for us there.

It’s kind of interesting — just last month, I wrote a piece for the new blog “Flyover Feminism” — all about how I “went away” from Kansas in the 70’s — and here I am being called to that place; a perfect example of all the “clearing old stuff” I’ve been seeing in myself and all my clients lately.  (You can read my piece here:  The Feminist of Oz.)

Meanwhile, back at the cabin, we told our lovely host and hostess that we intended to move along (probably in November) — in discussing what was best for everyone, they let us know that it would probably be better for them if we were to vacate the cabin at the end of September, so we are moving into action on that immediately.

This entire process has been an amazing experience — we are culling out our extra possessions even further, and living in this simple and small space has been a wonderful experiential demonstration of what things I actually use every day, and what things I only need or want occasional access to.   I’m the kind of learner who does best with hands-on education, so I’ve been very grateful for this luxurious time to really find out what I need and what I don’t by actually living with and without certain things — I’ve learned volumes about what I hang onto out of a sense of lack, and what I hold in a true sense of treasuring.

Now that we are back in motion in a new way, I expect we’ll be updating here more often.  Be sure to subscribe to get notices of our posts — one thing I know we’ll be doing is posting announcements about some possessions that we will be moving along.  For example, we are selling our 14″ Crystal Singing Bowl (I love it, but it’s both BIG and HEAVY, and while it’s full of very magical history, it feels time to move it along).  If you are interested, we’re putting a price of $175 on it.  Email or call me.

That’s all for now — talk to you soon.

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  1. Ricki says:

    I guess that the funny phrase: “We’re not in Kansas anymore,” won’t be true soon. Best of luck on your new journey. I look forward to reading about it.

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