Let me ‘splain . . . no, there is too much.

Let me sum up.

From Carol:  Each day is an adventure of massive proportion, as new surroundings bring me to awareness of old habits, now rendered irrelevant.  I’ll try to express a few of of the shifts I’m experiencing, even though they seem deeper than words, at times.

Community:  I’ve always wanted it, and now, I’m having it, but not in a form I would have ever imagined.  I haven’t found “my” house, but here I am sharing a beautiful place with others, basking in their generosity, and returning it as best I can.  We are finding exchanges that work and grow as we do.  One of the “give-back” things I’m doing is cleaning the cabin roofs here (mossy mossy) — and Beloved has made a beautiful Moss Garden of my leavings:

Our Moss Garden, flourishing in the wet weather on a small plate.  Six varieties.  Endless amazement.Organic Approaches to My Work/Plurk:  I’ve had these wonderful opportunities to play/work with others in ways that are more fluid than “SCHEDULE this!”  It’s a delight, and something I’ve often pondered over — how to manage more fluid use of time when others might have more rigid schedules than I.  I’m reaching a balance that I like.

Working With the AMAZING BEINGS!  In the few weeks since our move-out, I’ve worked with children, survivors, and people who want to GET ON WITH IT — all populations that I’ve known I am “meant” to work/play with.  I am creating the life I want in a way that seems seamless, easeful, and in a way that I’m feeling out, rather than thinking out.

Living in the World, Seeing Humans, and Animals, and Trees, and Mosses, and Cabins as living beings.  I feel renewed to myself and to everything around me.

Reading back on that, it seems a wholly inadequate sum-up — but if you look at the Moss Garden — that reflects what I’m experiencing — complexity in small, working its way into the cracks in my being, finding the light, and the water.  Beautiful, and worth a closer look.

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2 Responses to Let me ‘splain . . . no, there is too much.

  1. ZuVuYah says:

    Just reading this moved me to breathe deeper, stretch & flex & tune in to the magical world around me~ right here~ right NOW! Thanks for the inspiring sharing *!*
    With Delight & Love, ZuVu

  2. kkryno says:

    I’m in the process of simplifying and taking stock. Then the lists will begin, and goals will be fine-tuned. I am ready.

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